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DR Power DR 2-Stage Snow Blower PRO XL30

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 For big clearing jobs you need a wide blower and plenty of power to handle wet, heavy snow. Our PRO XL30 clears a 30" path, letting you clear a driveway in just 2 or 3 passes. And our 13 HP (375cc) OVH engine provides the power to blast through it all!
Serious Snow Blowing Power!

Make short work of big snow dumps with our DR PRO XL30 Snow Blower. This model steps up to a big 13 HP OHV engine that is designed and built with cold-weather operation in mind. Plug-in electric starting puts an end to hard starts®just run an extension cord, plug in, and you get sure-fire starts without the expense and battery maintenance that comes with a normal electric-starting engine. EZ-Turn™ steering makes for hassle-free 180° turns.

With a 30" clearing width and an 8-speed transmission (6 forward speeds and 2 reverse), the PRO XL30 is up to any job. And our integrated control panel puts everything within easy reach: gear shift, auger and drive hand levers, chute rotation and deflection, heated hand warmers, and an LED headlamp. This machine has got it all and is built for winter abuse.

Product Summary

  • 30" wide, 2-Stage Blower
  • 13 HP (375cc) DR OHV Engine
  • 6 Forward Speeds, 2 Reverse
  • EZ-Turn™ Steering technology
  • 16"x 4" Snow Tires
  • Throwing Distance: up to 50'
  • Friction Disc Transmission
  • See Features and Specs for more product details


  • Engine: 2 years residential, 90 days commercial
  • Machine: 2 years residential, 90 days commercial


DR 2-Stage Snow Blower PRO XL30
Sale Type
DR Power
6 Forward & 2 Reverse
258 lbs
Tire Size
Air Filter
Engine Type
Make Engine
Overall Length
Shipping Weight
316 lbs
Number Of Cylinders
Self-Feeding Plug-in Electric Start

Using a standard 3-prong extension cord, plug in, push a button, and you're up and running! There is no battery that requires charging or maintenance. Recoil backup, with compression-release, makes for easy pull starts when you're away from a power source.

Self-Feeding DR OHV Engine

This cold-weather engine (13HP, 375cc) is designed especially for extreme conditions and has the muscle to power through deep or wet snow.

2-Stage for Efficient Snow Removal

The serrated auger breaks up ice and compacted snow. The heavy-duty impeller (15" in diameter and constructed of 10-gauge steel) draws the loosened material up and out the chute. This 2-stage system creates a high-speed wind channel that throws snow up to 50 feet away!

Self-Feeding EZ-Turn™ Steering

When you initiate a turn, the two axle shafts are free to drive independently and go wherever you guide the machine. There are no hand levers to engage...all you need to do is steer. The result is the ability to make tight, 180° turns, without wrestling the machine.

Self-Feeding Integrated Control Panel

Controls for all functions are right at your fingertips: gear shift, auger and drive hand levers (once transmission is engaged, the auger control locks in so you can operate with right hand only), chute rotation/deflection, heated handwarmers, and LED headlight.
Self-Feeding Snow Tires

16" x 4" pneumatic tires provide positive traction, even in icy conditions.
Self-Feeding Headlight

LED headlight illuminates your path for early morning or night time operation.
Self-Feeding 2-Piece Skid Shoes

By lowering the skid shoes you can give the auger ground clearance. This is especially useful when clearing gravel driveways to help prevent pulling stones into the blower. Consists of a steel outer shoe bracket with a non-marring plastic center. The steel bracket can be removed for operating on surfaces you want to avoid scraping or gouging (e.g., pavers or cobblestones).
Self-Feeding Friction Disc Transmission

Simple but effect drive system transfers power to the drive wheels via a rubberized friction disc. Easy to maintain and easily accessible.
Self-Feeding Heated Hand Grips

Take the chill off in extra cold weather with our heated hand grips.
Self-Feeding Scraper Blade

Sturdy 9-gauge steel blade lets you clear right down to pavement.
Self-Feeding Snow Stick (included)

Onboard snow stick for quick and safe clearing of ice or other clogs.