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DR Power DR Power Grader PRO 60

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DR Power Grader
PRO 60
Our Widest and Fastest Power Grader! The 60" PRO with Powered Remote features the convenience of push-button adjustment of grading depth while you grade. The cabled remote control is operable from your tow vehicle so you can raise and lower the 14 grading teeth while you drive. You can start high, and lower the tines a bit with each pass.
60" PRO Model with Powered Remote Control

Our PRO models offer the convenience of cabled remote control that lets you adjust your grading depth from your tow vehicle while you drive.

14 carbide-tipped grading teeth loosen hard-packed dirt and gravel to remove bumps and washboard, and fill in potholes. The rear leveling blade then spreads the loosened material evenly.

Product Summary:

  • 48" Width
  • 12 Scarifying Carbide Teeth
  • EZ Dial, manual depth control
  • Reversible Grading board with toothed or flat edge
  • Recommended towing vehicles: Lawn/garden tractor (minimum of 14 HP and/or 400 lbs.), Utility Tractor, ATV.

Product Summary DR Power Grader accessories

  • 60" Grading width
  • 14 Scarifying Teeth
  • Grading depth regulated by powered remote control

Tow Vehicle Recommendations:

  • Lawn or garden tractor (minimum of 19 HP and/or 500 lbs.)
  • Utility Tractor
  • ATV

Warranty Coverage:

  • 2 years residential; 90 days commercial

The DR Power Grader isn't ONLY for Driveways!

Power Grader - Ball Fields Maintain ball fields

The optional Drag Screen breaks up clumps of dirt and leave the infield smooth and even.
Repair parking areas Power Grader - Parking Areas

Fill in potholes, replace washed out gravel after rainstorms, eliminate ruts and washboard.
Prepare horse arenas Power Grader - Horse Arenas

Smooth out footings to ensure the safety of your horses.
Seed a flat, even lawn Power Grader - Seed

Before you seed your new lawn, grade the area with your DR to ensure a flat, smooth lawn.


DR Power Grader PRO 60
Sale Type
DR Power
175 lbs.
Some assembly required
Hitch Type
Pin or Ball
Side Rails
Solid 10 gauge steel
Leveling Blade
Solid 1/4" thick steel
Number Of Tires
Highest Teeth Level
4.5" above ground
Shipping Dimensions
22" L x 61" W x 14.75" H
Dimensions Wheels Tires
11" diameter

Powered Remote Control

A rechargeable battery, a powerful electric motor, and a precise remote control raise or lower the scarifying teeth from your towing vehicle with the touch of a button.
Dual Hitch

Tungsten Carbide Scarifying Teeth

The scarifying teeth are 10x harder than steel. This is the same material used on mining equipment to chew through solid rock.

Control your Power Grader Stanchion

Powered Actuator

This powerful actuator provides a 4" stroke, raising the teeth from 4.5" above the surface (for travel and turning around) to 9/16" below the surface. It's housed in a steel box that shields it from the elements and kicked-up debris.

Control your Power Grader Stanchion
Rechargeable Battery

Can be easily removed without tools for bringing indoors during the off-season. It can be recharged either on or off the grader. (Charger is included).

Control your Power Grader Stanchion
Easy Hitch

The PRO 60 Power Grader comes with both a pin-hitch and a ball hitch connector (shown).