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Case IH RB565 Premium Round Baler

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RB565 Premium Round Baler RB455 Premium Round Baler
 Designed for the toughest crop types and conditions and provides superior bale shape and density. This round baler provides thorough windrow feeding from the pickup into the bale chamber, and a feeding system with 20 percent more capacity.
​​​​​Quick Specs​​​
  • Bale Size: 4 x 5 ft.
  • Bale Width: 46.5 in. 
  • Bale Diameter: 36 - 60 in.
  • Bale Weight: 400 - 2,200 lbs. 
  • Configurations: Hay, Silage, Rotor Feeder, Rotor Cutter
  • Five-Bar Pickup
    A heavy-duty five-bar pickup combined with the roller windguard gives the RB565 Premium and wide pickup balers added durability and performance. The pickup reel has a total of 160 curved steel tines with a rubber base and is more than 6.5 feet (2 meters) in length from outside to inside tine.​
  • Heavy-Duty Pickup Reel
    The newly designed pickup reel is built for tough conditions: a two-piece bar design with five solid tine bars and no joint at reel spider keeps you rolling longer and with fewer repairs. Stronger tines last five times longer in field tests, and full-height pickup dividers keep tines aligned and reduce the possibility of damage, even in corn stalks.​
  • New Overshot Feeding System
    One of the defining features of the new RB565 round baler is an overshot feeding system that provides more aggressive feeding into the bale chamber. A series of 20 tines on the feeder move crop from the outside of the pickup to the center, which results in a more consistent crop mat and less crop hesitation.​
  • Pickup Gauge and Gathering Wheels
    Another innovation that improves pickup, particularly in dry, light crops, is the pickup-mounted gathering wheels. The tines of these wheels gather the edges of the windrows and ensure the maximum amount of crop is picked up. For pickup flotation, new quick-adjust castering gauge wheels better follow contours and lessen the need for the operator to raise the pickup on sharp turns. ​
Round Balers
For whatever you're baling from wet silage to dry hay to straw or stalks, we have the baler for your operation.
Bale Wet or Dry Crops Spray Later Into The Season With Miller Nitro Series Sprayers

From wet silage to dry hay and stalks, the new Case IH RB565 Premium HD round baler gives you the flexibility to bale more crops. It builds on the robust design, larger platform, and improved bale-rejection system of the RB565 family with the addition of a higher torque load on the clutch cutout, a larger main gearbox with heavier output shaft and larger chains and sprockets. In short production windows, you'll have the power to bale more - even at higher moisture levels.

RB565 Premium Round Baler
Sale Type
Case IH
Optional Tire Size
21.5Lx16.1, 10PR
Standard Tire Size
18L-16.1SL 10PR
bale size
Bale Width, In (mm)
61.5 (1562)
Bale Weight, Lb (kg)
500 to 2,500 (227 to 1134)
Bale Diameter, In (mm)
36 to 60 (914 to 1524)
pto drive
PTO Speed, Rpm
1000 std.; 540 opt
Drive Protection
Multiplate ship clutch
bale ejector
Bale Ejector Description
Bale ramp spring-assist; hydraulic opt.
bale forming
Belt Width, In (mm)
7 (178)
Bale Chamber, Fixed Or Variable
Variable chamber
Forming Mechanism, Belts, Rolls, Chain & Slats
8 belts and 5 rolls
optional pickup
Optional Pickup Working Width, In (mm)
90 (2284), w/4-bar reel
Outer Tine-to-tine Width, Optional, In (mm)
81.5 (2070)
standard pickup
Tine Spacing, In (mm)
2.63 (67)
Pickup Working Width, In (mm)
68 (1730) flare-to-flare
Outer Tine-to-tine Width, Standard, In (mm)
60 (1520)
sales literature
Literature Date
March, 2016
Literature Number
tractor requirements
Tractor Power, Hp (kW)
80 (60)
Number Of Hydraulic Remote Circuits
1 or 2
twine and wrap systems
Netwrap, Meshwrap Feature
Net opt. w/std pickup; Net/twine std w/wide pickup
Twine Ball Storage, Quantity
Twine std w/std pickup; 6 or 8 active, plus 4 spare
Full Bale Wrap Integral On Baler
indicators and monitors
ISOBUS Compatibility
AFS Pro 300 or tractor monitor
Baler Indicator And Control
Baler Monitor With Screen (non-ISOBUS)
Deluxe Monitor with Keypad, twine or net
baler dimensions and weight
Overall Baler Width, In (mm)
128 (3251)
Overall Height, Gate Closed, In (mm)
114 (2896)
Overall Length, Gate Closed, In (mm)
189 (4801)
silage- cutter-chopper- slicer features
Cutter-chopper Available
Silage Version Available
Silage capable